As mentioned on the home page : “Our mission is to be total assortment player in the crop Celosia” and before we recently introduced “Dracula” we didn’t have varieties in pot / bedding cristata at all.

But besides “Dracula” we’ve also been busy with developing other cristata pot / bedding novelties to play a role in that part of the market as well. We already had the first colours of a new series ready in 2015, but Pan American Seed  advised us to create a series that also contained a yellow variety. The reason is that – at introduction – a series with several colours is more attractive for a grower than one or two  “stand alone” varieties and has better chances in the market. Hence we left some colours “on the shelf” awaiting for more.

And now we can show four colours for coming introduction. In the mean time we go on searching for more colours to add to the series.

All varieties are nice compact, rich flowering and strong plants, available in the colours golden yellow, bright pink, clear red and intense purple. In trials on several locations they perform well, even in warm and humid climates.

For years we’ve used a work name for the series and in spring 2018 the trade name was established for the series and that is “Concertina”.

The amount of pictures is somewhat limited at the moment. The first two show the model of the plant / series in the golden yellow colour. Followed up by the other available colours, bright pink, clear red and intense purple. And all of them on 12 cm / 5 inch pots.

Than an example how it looks on a plants tray and finally two pictures of a trial production in Texas – USA, this summer ( 2017 ) in heat and humid circumstances.

More news about “Concertina” in a 2018 news item.


Concertina yellow plant

Concertina yellow field

Concertina pink

Concertina red

Concertina purple

Concertina purple tray

Concertina trial

Remark : By coincidence Pan American Seed had another variety that was bred elsewhere and fits exactly to the series. That one is deep red and dark leaved and will be added to the series. You can watch that one on the last two pictures from Texas, between our other colours. That makes five ! And more to come in the future…