A few years ago we had a large greenhouse in Costa Rica with pot- / bedding plants for an extended selection. From the many thousands of plants we’ve selected a small amount of the most interesting plants for several purposes. Among those was a plant which directly attracted us with its intense orange colour and the excellent model. We then succeeded in getting seeds of that plant to our own storage in The Netherlands.

We were able to build out that orange plant ( left photo, from Costa Rica ) to a new colour which fits perfectly in the “Kosmo” series and which performs very well when tested in several climates. And with that “Kosmo orange” is a nice addition to the series. The novelty has so much pigments that even the leafs turn slightly orange when standing in the sun.

On the right picture a control field in the open air in California – USA in the summer of 2017. The picture ( of bad quality ) was made in full sun on a very ripen crop and – unfortunately – looks somewhat different than orange. But the variety is so new that these are the only two pictures we have right now.

Addition March 2018 : We’ve sown out some plants of “Kosmo orange” to be able to make more (and better) pictures for the website, when flowering. That will be in April or May, but now we can show the young plants growing up. The two pictures below show clearly that the plants carry so much orange pigments with them, that even without flowers it already looks somewhat orange.

Kosmo orange plant

Kosmo orange field

Addition May 2018 : Picture of “Kosmo orange” , 2 plants sown in January and grown under artificial light, flowering in the end of April (early spring) under Dutch circumstances.

Kosmo orange detail

**Voor een volledig overzicht van het beschikbare Celosia-sortiment verzoeken we u contact op te nemen met PanAmerican Seed. Het adres is te vinden op de pagina “Partners”.