New cristata cut flower varieties in the five colours : Neo gold, Neo pink, Neo rose, Neo orange and Neo red.

Many years ago we’ve asked ourselves what the future for cristata cut flowers would be like. That brought us to a list of demands for new varieties that fit both growers as well as florists. And now – after many years of breeding – we’re finally proud to present a new high quality series called “Neo”.

About the demands : “Neo”  has it !

  • Bigger flowers, thicker combs
  • Attractive, intense colours
  • Small leaves and a strong stem
  • Easy to use in mixed bunches

Additional advantages for the growers :

  • Less long day sensitive compared to competing varieties
  • Faster crop time than competing varieties
  • Higher production yields and – hence – better margins
  • Easy to harvest
  • Available in broader season

Neo” can grow out in long days and that has the advantages of the plant picking up all sun there is and a better climate in the greenhouse because the darkening screens can remain open ( ! ) , thus resulting in top quality flowers.

*Remark : It’s recommended to maintain a period 3 weeks shortened day ( < 13 hours daylength  ) after planting, to improve uniformity. After that, when the plants make more body mass, need more sun  and evaporate more, the rest of the crop time can be in – less humid – long day conditions. More detailed information on the page “Growing info“.

Note : The introduction of this new “Neo”  series doesn’t imply that the “Bombay” series will leave the market. This is an addition and the future will learn us how this will develop further on. Many “Bombay” varieties are still popular in certain parts of the world, e.g. the “Bombay  fire”  and all it’s ( “fi” ) look-a-like colours ( – figo, – fiora, – filemon, – firosa, – fidor, – fivio ).

On the pictures – from top to bottom – each colour, both one flower ( picture by Dutch Floricode ) and followed by a view on a production testing field.


“Neo gold” : Deep golden – yellow colour. Older cristata varieties in this colour are notorious for Fusarium sensitivity. This novelty has a strongly reduced sensitivity than excisting cristata varieties in the same colour.


“Neo pink” : Unique bright pink specialty with dark stems and fully Fusarium resistant.



“Neo rose” : Pink colour with green stems and fully Fusarium resistant.



“Neo orange” : Amazing orange colour and fully Fusarium resistant.

Important ! : Where most older orange Celosias ( both cristata as well as plumosa ) turn pale – salmon when ripening, this one remains flaming orange. It doesn’t look over – ripen, even on a vase it’s still long lasting orange ! This is an achievement in breeding we’re very proud of ( and for us a demand for all new orange Celosias we develop ).



“Neo red” : Attractive red colour with green stems and fully Fusarium resistant.

Addition April 2017 : Pan American Seed has made a blog ( with pictures ) about “Neo”.


*All  Neo” varieties are protected by breeders rights ( P.B.R. ).

** For availability of seeds and information about the present Celosia assortment, please contact PanAmerican Seed. The address of the Dutch office can be found on the page “Partners”. But elsewhere in the world you can also contact your local Panam seed representative.